Shipping & Returns

Packaging + shipping cost is a flat rate worldwide. Price of products is pre-adjusted according to their weight to cover average shipping cost. Stocked products are sent out within 3 days. An order that includes any customized products, like assembled v3.x controller take 5..6 working days.

Delivery method: USPS / Hungarian National Post and Logistics. After sending out, package typically arrives after 4 working days in EU (8 working days to USA destinations). EU companies must provide EU-VAT-ID in the order note; other EU customers are obliged to pay custom-tax and VAT upon shipment (to their authorities, according to local import-laws).

Return policy
We only accept returns if

  • we ship the wrong items
  • or hardware fault, that was present at the time of shipping, can be proved,

Other returns are only accepted if items are undamaged and unmodified. These returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Reasons may include:

  • suitability concerns (for a particular purpose)
  • functional issues related to freely downloadable software (firmware)

We do NOT accept returns because of

  • Hardware problems caused by incorrect installations, such as - but not limited to
    • incorrect supply voltage polarity or amplitude
    • forgotten ground signals
    • improper flyback connection
    • overloaded outputs (lack of sufficient fuses)

For all returns, please contact us first to receive an authorization.

Customer Service Phone (USA): 1-802-893-8788 (language: English)
Customer Service Phone (EU): 36-1-257-3796 (language: English or Hungarian)
Postal Address: 158 Brentwood Drive, Suite 1, Colchester, VT 05446, USA
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