Siemens 80lb HighZ Injector

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SKU: Siemens_80lb_inj

Siemens 110324 injector high-impedance injector.
length: 59.35mm between O-rings (middle to middle).
New style, all plastic, fully compatible with Siemens 60lb/hr

Flow Rate: 840-850cc/min @ 3 bar (= 300 kPa = 43.5 psi). 80LBS/HR
Flow Rate: 970-981 cc/min @ 4 bar (=400kPa = 58 psi)
Resistance: 12-16 Ohms (series power resistor not needed)

Available with either the standard Bosch EV1 connector or the "USCar" EV6 connector.

Price: $60.00