Boost Solenoid

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12V electronically controlled (solenoid) 3-way pneumatic valve. Matching connector included with uncrimped pins

Resistance: R=appr. 30 Ohm ( 14.7V / R < 500 mA max).

Common applications:

There is a connection diagram on
The solenoid has 3 nipples: The standard way is to
1) connect the middle nipple to the wastegate bottom.
2) connect the bottom nipple (further away from the middle nipple) to the MAP
That way by default (low boost-PWM duty) very high MAP will open the wastegate (and regulate boost with this negative feedback), but with high boost-PWM duty boost (=high MAP) will have less effect to open the wastegate.
Because it is a 3-way valve it can be connected in other ways as well. For best effect 2 pneumatic valves can be connected in parallel electronically, and antiparallel pneumatically if wastegate has 2 nipples (bottom and top chambers).

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