Bosch Motorsport 044 Fuel Pump

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Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
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Bosch motorsport "044" fuelpump (0 580 254 044). In-tank or in-line applications.

When comparing pumps, consider the rated pressure, voltage and temperature. This pump is known to supply higher flow more reliably at 4..6 bar above atmosphere (at the pressures you use it) than the walbro 255lph pump.
Recommended for normally aspirated engines with up to 720hp, turbo or supercharged engines up to 600hp
If the fuel is depleted from the fuelpump input (for whatever reason), the pump will be loud and might not deliver properly. If the fuelpump is not mounted properly with flexible mounts, it might be loud. We've seen the same type of pump in the same type of tank mounted in two different ways: one was extremely loud, the other was normal.
The fuelpump reaches it's full delivery and normal noise levels after about 20 hours break-in period.

Datasheet (pdf)

Price: $235.00