Siemens 60lb HighZ Injector

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Siemens high-impedance (12.6ohm) injector.
L107 Siemens / Mototron Deka 4 (Flow-Matched sets to 1%)
length: 64mm between O-rings (middle to middle)
other names: Siemens FI114961 - Mototron INJ-GAS-006 - Accel 74620L - MSD/Edge 2030

Static Flow Rate at different fuel pressures:

60lb/hr (sometimes called 63 lb/hr). For estimations: with BSFC=0.5lb/(HP*hr) this means 120 HP/cylinder at 100% duty. You want to apply your estimated BSFC, max duty and add some margin. Also note that BSFC is higher with Ethanol based fuels like E85.
630cc/min @ 3bar (=300kPa = 43.5 psi)
727cc/min @ 4bar (=400kPa= 58 psi)

Standard Bosch/AMP connector

Price: $55.00